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May 4, 2024


hin breaks what up what up what up what up footballers your turn happy Friday night Saturday morning as always in break number two the six box six box Spinners some nice boxes some different boxes too sorry I’m trying to load up our uh thought I had enough uh nope NOP no baseball these drains are top letters so six PP Spinners mosy in the park 30 cards two Autos no whammies that’s a whammy box damn it Leaf PR metal predal and pro pro yeah Leaf metal and pro set get us uh 10 hits there for sure illumination some hits special six in case cars see if we can find us an auto out of there Classics on the 22 go with your 22s in there hey you know you guys know hey you you got think about this these boxes why I continue to get these boxes you understand this say 2022 on them they’re there are 2024 draft picks and 2025 draft picks in these boxes all right we got metal we we got metal yes we do I mean we got we got metal 24 I mean seriously we got we got we got metal 24 got a case of uh you know what I haven’t even open we got we got these 24 uh in the in the uh the jumbos but there’s guys that are 16 years old in there we pulled some in our Facebook group uh the other night on the uh 24 are you kidding me these guys have 24 uh cards in there so remember so your fresh teams your fresh teams could get some uh some funest out of there that’s all I’m saying I’m that’s all I’m saying you know all right then certified as always one of my favorite mother hub’s gotten so expensive so finners what up what up what up run a little late but I got you Finn little something stretch tonight have some fun stretch stret we’re back on uh on Sunday night so if you’re back on Sunday night daughter’s graduation tomorrow High University 4.0 nursing graduate thank you baby girl is a beast so we’ll be back on Sunday night so anybody in on Sunday night that was in tonight you will get uh free shipping on Sunday so some good breaks up on Sunday nice baseball nice uh football but it should be like a cheap seat you know Tuesday or Wednesday if I put breaks up on Tuesday or Wednesday I would think I could be wrong I haven’t done Sunday break I can’t can’t remember doing last I was trying to think last time I did Sunday break I don’t know so Sunday break’s coming up hey brought to you by eBay and Eagle fin as always check out your uh eBay uh uh sweep Stakes for the month as always under my description click on description you can find the url at uh at the uh HTTP yeah double back slash yeah ww. ebay.com srvs survey vertical. collectibles. sweepstakes so jayl what up jayl what up cheers Bubby hell yeah jayl cheers jayou and I’m on beer number three after a long couple days I’ll tell you what Grandparents Day today at uh 9:30 with the twins the grandkids and then I had to drive toio University which is about two and a half hours away to see the daughter get her pinning uh ceremony uh for nursing so hey busy busy I will definitely cheers you sir Lane train Darcy what up the T stew T stew Timmy Stewart in the that’s you Timmy Stuart I know that I didn’t I didn’t have to see that one that I like that yeah ready for a baller break well we’re gonna have a lot of hits hopefully I can get you a few ballers in there I I can’t promise but [ __ ] I’ll do my damis I’ll do my damis Johnny L check it in Jose check it in what up B footballers you ready feeo feeo FBO Bobby B we got foosball foosball Bobby you playing that there foosball again shant St check it in Shante what up footballers I’m ready for you I am so ready I thought I was going to be tired tonight because when I but right before when I got home I was crushed after driving you know a couple hours uh in a couple hours a couple hours getting up very early you I couldnot go to sleep last night why yeah whatever I got I got this i got this i got this I got shipping hey just so you know all your shipping was at the post office before midnight on Thursday it was there it was there that means it goes out on the first truck on on Friday which was today so you guys should have some nice hopefully Updates this weekend but once again you’ll probably get them on Monday I don’t know some of you that are close you might get them uh tomorrow I don’t know the Ohio the Ohio you might have a possibility getting something if you’re in Ohio and local ones get there pretty quick so but yeah your shipping was there last night cuz I didn’t have no time to do it today usually I’ll finish it today and have it there by 4:30 to 6 when the uh the last truck goes out but hey Panthers please yes timma yes T the Panthers please another good baseball break so baseball uh breaks will be keep coming and they’re going to keep being different it will keep being different so there we got some different breaks coming up running out of the Vivid case uh we still have a little bit of Onyx I gotta love those onyxes because they they’re good hobby boxes to put in there we’re going to have our Bowman Sterling in our uh Museum collection mini so there’s always freaking good hits in those so but our cases of football metal football we got a k we got we got 20 I gotta figure out what I got to figure out whether I’m ready to venture into the 2024 with an nil football spot don’t get mad at me I’ve only ran an n football spot a few times over the years I’m totally serious and I’ve broke a lot of nil product but I might have to run out one on the 24 just because there’s so many guys out there n i spot might even be one of the biggest spots you know who knows I have no idea I’ve got also try to find the uh the checklist because I like to be able to post a checklist for you guys too so because there’s like kids in there like you’re 16 so then Samuel Samuel heggy and I swear Samuel Heggy’s been here before Samuel on the Titans you’ve been here before everybody else is like you know Eagle fin veterans mother Hubbards how you put up with me up up let’s go Finn cheers you hey I will cheers you again one more time hey it’s the last break of the night and it’s 12:30 and I’m on beer that was just the end of beer number three you know so I’m like on a slow pace they were drinking it when we were having dinner after the pinning today we were we we were lucky enough to hang around for a couple hours after the pinning and uh you know have some lunch dinner brunch whatever yeah oh you baby oh yeah Adam Davis this is your starting lineup Adam Davis on the cards Adam you had a package go out uh at midnight uh Jer on the Falcons Kate Forbes on the Ravens Orman young Orman where are you on the bills are you still awake there Timmy Stewart Timmy Stewart on the Panthers Sant Stout on the Bears derog on the Bengals Jose on the brownies on the brownies you got you picked the brownies all right you picked up brownies uh go brownies Go Thomas gross I love you Jose Thomas gross on the cowg girls a shot hey even the little guys have hits you know that absolutely you you got some nice packages the last couple weeks Bubby Shante on the Broncos Joe Bell’s on the alliance Joe Bell I Ed one label that I printed from you that uh on this last one on your Houston one it was one I printed because I thought I had uh you know I I missed it on mail day but it was already sent out with your last order prior order prior to that so I use that label just to give you heads up so holla Joe bells on the Lions Chad bler M back again on the Packers go Milwaukee go he says Aaron Wise on the Texans Carl gil on the uh Colts drik hog on the Jaguars Lane train Williams on the Chiefs Derek on the Dolphins J rev Josh Alexander on the uh Vikings Derek on the Patriots Derek on the Saints Derrick’s trying to win another helmet uh Wayne and wicked pisses on the Giants Aaron Wise on the Jets he Derek Derek just flat out are you are you doing a helmet tonight oh I love you mother ards I seriously dude Darcy Williams on Dar Raiders Darcy and ones uh Aon wi’s on the beagles she said everything get she gets on the Eagles she’s donating no she didn’t uh Johnny luom and a quipster on the Squealers Johnny why do you pick the Squealers tonight oh no they were the cheap seeds too guamas on on the Rams Derek on the Chargers yeah Eagle fit on it tonight it’s been one of those days and nights I’m telling you uh Shante on the Niners Jay Lou on the Seahawks because ma hit Queen said so Johnny on the Buccaneers Johnny you get two tough ons so now you got the oh Johnny you got the Steelers and the Buccaneers come on man you need free shipping on Sunday oh [ __ ] Samuel Hy on the Titans Samuel I hope you’re a first time because I got you down as one and then job Bashar on the football team and job kicked everybody’s ass in the baseball break that is a that is a that is a fact so all right you ready that’s a pretty good introduction Eagle fin I was like I think it’s pretty classic what we gonna do first we got to do one of these guys let’s go 24 draft picks come on 24 draic all right let me get the googlers out I don’t leave my no I shut it down hey I got the 24 uh you know the 24 draft up there on the uh the back oh yeah draft trackers draft trackers and Aaron Wise I’ll tell you draft trackers was sent to me very first time by ma hit Queen She Goes Gary you might need this for your breaks and ma hit Queen hooks me up with a draft trackers draft trackers for all different years all different rounds every round every pick team oh I’ll tell you what position I mean yeah draft trackers NFL draft trackers all right you ready come on I want 24 draft picks out of here seriously what I want one there’s two teams this week so they needed let’s go let’s go come on Bobby come on come on if not we’ll find him something to open on mail day Johnny you know that Xavier not worthy shut up you mother hubard you can leave now mother Hub how does freaking mahomies get somebody that’s 421 [ __ ] off and then you get the first hit really are you really really no no no you might have the freaking first two holy [ __ ] Trent mcmu Mick Muffy in the holla for uh Lane train Williams on the first one made one out of 20 you mother Hub all right I think this dude is there too I could be wrong I think I could be wrong but I think he’s there this guy’s a tough one Ty fryfogle Ty fryfogle now he Ty is he’s a free agent he played college football at Indiana yeah he’s a free agent he was on the Kansas City Chiefs all right Ty fry bugle Kansas City Chiefs who sniped my Lions night Joe Bells Andrew Joe Bells hey when Joe Bells is in and Gilligan’s in I mean hey Orman I see you Bubby Orman what up Orman holla shwing sh we shut up F no no no zavier not worthy I go you’ve got to be kidding me Momie got so many receivers this coming year dude it’ll be insane in Saye Orman how are you Gilligan love you man Hassan H Haskins Hassan H Haskins is Hassan H Haskins still a Tennessee he was that’s his only team uh two out of 15 going out to uh Sam heggy Sam heggy there Sir Samuel on the H Haskins all right hey I gotta say you like I told you you know those cheap seats hit I and I go you picked the brownies tonight you pick the brownies tonight David Bell wide receiver Cleveland [Music] Brown 21 out of 25 David Bell du brownies now you know we got some weird [ __ ] going on we got the brownies up there two MC Muffy friends you know Assan H Haskins we got the the dude that was there like big big time we thought and we then he like disappeared for the San Diego Chargers which is uh Isaiah Spiller charger tonight Derek hog Derek you got yourself a t triller in the night all right six out of 20 on the uh Isaiah Thriller Thriller Spiller did we get six did we get six hold on it says there’s five Eagle we got an extra Auto we got an extra Auto leaky leaky Maliki on a green ice going out to Tennessee Samuel heggy on a Malik Willis nice looking Malik three out of five so interesting box of a pro set metal but I gotta like it I gotta like it we got an extra hit so we’ll take the extra hit so double bubble double bubble David Bell shows up for Jose Jose where’d you go Jose you got a H Jose hello Jose Aaron Wise is still awake e what’s up e i in the holla e on the Texans tonight e oh you’re Jets I mean you’re Jets and I said you know and when Aaron W you know I said she had the Eagles I go anything that Aon wise gets for the Eagles she’s donating to the eagle fin fan yeah I said no she did not say that um all right let’s do I don’t know classics let’s go classic we know we’ll get a few uh few friends in this we can’t get an auto out of here so how’s e tonight H H welcome backy look at all those people happy to see you e bring happiness bring happiness happiness like the hit Queen all the hit Queen all right we need to find an auto out of one of these we’ve done like four haven’t had Auto like four [Music] The Prestige that Prestige H2 oh my gosh that’s for 23 that’s a 23 though in the prestige that’s a crazy freaking box how how can a box be so expensive somebody somebody school me on that one I want to [Music] know not a fan I like give me the give me the the prestige megas Prestige megas were the F they were fine that’s Su sugga how’ you get so fine on the megas but I don’t know I’ll take I’ll take the megas over the the H2S though but we can’t obviously here you can I do a megas so megas have been outlawed here on the our break so got to resort to uh some H2S that are overpriced and not as good of hits in my opinion and opinions you guys know what opinions are like yeah wish you all right you ready let’s do this good luck judge checking in we got a little gold in there already the Judge Judy Tom Brady what about Tom we’re gonna sleeve some Tom we’re gonna sleep some Tom just for your five-year-old he get a Tom Brady out there because Tom doesn’t come out of 23 it is so hard to pull a Tom base card out of anything in 23 if you guys have noticed a bear Andrews classic Beginnings on some pickings pickings on see now see he gets the first two so he’s gonna get his own Podium he’ll get his own Podium now now he’s got his own Podium he’s got his he’s got his uh Tom Brady and he’s got his best receiver on the uh the sh*tsburgh Steelers which is Pickins for sure so I like that we’ll start out of a classics that was a good year for them anyways you want you want them to show up you want them to show up out of the uh the 22 box that’s for damnn sure all right your gold going to Baltimore on a Lamar could be to 50 I don’t think it’s to 10 it’s out 99 93 out of 99 I forgot the gold on these are 99 nice gold there for Cade Forbes Cade I like that one it’s a good looking lammer tonight 99 who got the Packers uh the Packers were uh Chad bler might he got the uh Milwaukee Brew Crew which kicked that ass in the they kicked everybody’s ass in the uh in the uh baseball break and then he comes back and get his Chad Chad is a Packers fan Aaron Wise just to just to let you know you’ve got a competition out there big girl go e go baling Kyle Hamilton damn that’s up damn papy pafford Von Miller here your Silvers on a jaml there’s the milster there’s been a milster sighting a you mother hubard he driving in my car we driving in my car on a tributes 34 out of 50 34 out of 50 it’ll at least be gone for uh 34 34 days out of the yeah he he’ll be on break I think he’s on break for at least half the season uh NFL let him back in he’s my homie’s favorite you know you can’t can’t keep that kid out you know that lane train yeah he Chad Chad’s been uh been chasing amle fin hits for uh you know close to a month now so uh bringing that Green Bay love he’s has some really good uh Good Hits too chases the Milwaukee brw crew so he gotta love you guys and GS chasing your teams in baseball and football and then that’s the only teams you get not that’s like you know that’s like classic uh classic fan the hell that all right Fred Freddy Freddy Freddy ready uh Pier strong still a uh Patriot at that time before he was traded to De brownies all right uh dvin cook miles Garrett miles Sanders and Miles Davis Mills and oh there you go Derk hog Ricky smoke weed every day on a Monday night Heroes that’s definitely a different one that is definitely a different one on the Ricky smoke weed every day Monday night hero silver good looking card there and then a uh Brandon Cooks Brandon Cooks checking in for uh Aaron W and the Texans Brandon Cooks say Texans you can go back uh 22 isn’t that crazy what a couple years does pton Manning Easy E on the uh the fins Mike Evans the Eckman all these guys are on freaking different teams Hollywood Brown uh Tibido he’s not Kon Tibido Welco Jamar silver juu all right lane train that’s enough of that enough of that L Williams need some Raiders for Darcy Aon needs some Texans interesting couple years are you kidding me this is like this is three years ago 22 23 24 Eagle Finn time flies by that’s all I gotta say that’s a bad looking card on Ricky I don’t know if I pulled this one before I pull a lot of these uh cards out of these boxes but that’s a freaking sick Ricky dere hog I know that’s a PC for you on the the Dolphins that’s a cool Ricky two Ricky helmets on the break table white and a chrome yes both are smoke weed every day uh Juju there’s your Juju to 99 keep them coming you hush mother H what we got there oh we got there put that on the back diamond dan to Lambo I’ve never been to Lambo Aaron Jordan Davis JD better get his conditioning in for this year Reggie Wayne the howler gosh I’m do a new team uh dra train uh Cooper cup got a couple in the back here CAC still a still a panther toobe Meyers Timmy Stewart Timmy Stewart my big hit was a Christian mcaffrey oh that’s a nice one there at the end all right well Banner season on a Super Bowl Marcus Allen nice little freaking card for the Raiders sweet but then this one here coming back for the hot team tonight I gotta say besides Kansas City Tennessee Titans trayon Burks on a blue classic Beginnings good looking trayon that’s a freaking load I knew it was three out of five that’s a great hit right there kid needs to get off his lazy ass he needs to condition also that’s sick you’re that 22 draft classes showing up big for for the Titans spot that’s a big that that’s a big start for the Titans it’s all 22 draft all right so we’ve got one stack to go JD Jordan Davis Aaron Wise getting your JD on and then ju guu for Lane train 24 out of 99 Yer go up there with your family that you already got no douge yet no douge yet all right everybody let’s go cheers Dak he just not Dak good nausey brand Cooks the howler again silver Chris Godwin Kyle pittz gosh Kyle Pitts what is that Atlanta Derek hog what do you got there on the pits he’s got a quarterback gosh eight out of 10 on the pits couple nice low numbers out of here tonight Finn nice C pits how freaking kurk cousins throwing him [ __ ] passes all day long I have a thousand yards this year Kyle Pitts thousand yards uh Warren Sap Drake London thousand yards doson don’t know who dodson’s quarterback is uh Keenan Allen uh Josh Allen M Jones Johnny Lynch and Aaron Jones Aaron Wise I kept saying for the last couple weeks you haven’t been here that the Green Bay Packers will miss this guy dearly this year I’m calling that one right now Aaron Jones will be sat will be the big one missed I mean they got such a young team they got such a young team but Jonesy and then last Jonesy was dang Jonesy was money at the end of last year when he came back he was fre best running back in the leag without a doubt Jones was nice freaking L like that one and the howler all right we got here Carson strong oh Carson don’t forget about him Aaron Wise gets some Carson strong on a 35 out of 75 tributes tribute rookies Chris Carter Austin there you go Calvin Austin he’s a beast too that dude will have a good year this year TJ Moore Winston and lamb is that Spiller again Isaiah Spiller back again for uh Chargers slim Reaper for Aaron Kyle Hamilton that’s a stopper right there 42 out of 50 on the Hamilton great rookie card for uh Baltimore get is one goodwi from Notre Dame I don’t have too [Laughter] many hey guys know me Notre day they’re overrated now way back then they weren’t they weren’t but now yeah they’re they’re overrated they’ve been overrated for years gosh remember the independence pool they would run the remember it was so different how the how the how the pool pools were Notre D had their like frecking you know they had their own own pool years uh you know I’m talking 40 years ago it was like their own yeah they completely different division they have Randle Sky Moore driving in my car back again Deontay Johnson uh Matt Ryan AJ Brown cam Acres double on an lway and a Shannon sharp little classic combos Cordell Patterson back again for Atlanta nine out of of 99 so Atlanta showing back up again for Derek coog getting the low number earlier Shan sharp SCE Garder Aaron getting a little Saucy with it you know you love him Aaron uh Diggy Damian Zeki back in the cowgirls organization is that classic Zeke Elliot back I mean hey Bob greasy little chubby Drew locked and loaded more numbers 65 out of 7 5 Seattle says uh Jay Lou Rod Woodson and Kenny pick it man boy you’re gonna be like everyone there you go little pick it man on the last one out we’ve been happy a couple years ago about this kid don’t know what he’s gonna do but got change his downfield approach throw the ball dude throw it you got you can throw it I got I got faith in you I I got faith in you got’s completely different defensive staff offensive staff so yeah Eagle Finn then beagle like gonna be fresh fresh oh F I have no idea at the end of last year finishing the season one and seven after starting 10 and O I don’t know what go Bangals who they come on Joe burrow show up healthy seriously e go damn Joe burough needs to stay healthy because I live in Ohio and he’s probably the biggest thing that the uh you know the Cincinnati bals have had their root for and in a long long long time but then there’s so much other Talent on the Bengals team I mean seriously Bengals have a lot of Talent on their team you guys might not think so but hey they do so Eagles and uh you know Bengals Super Bowl would be you the dream you know that’s as you know Vince Young would say that would be the Dream Team you that would be the dream Lane’s going no no no no not this year we need a three repeat no no no they’re G and NFL will make that happen for you Lane I guarantee it Super Bowl number three in a row the offensive line for the kids City Chiefs no holding penalties once again three three Super Bowls in a row oh you’re done NFL a done [Music] [Laughter] all Lane [Music] train we need to do a little mosy in the park don’t you guys think we need to do a little mosy in the park I’d be really surprised if we didn’t get Panini points out of one of these packs all right if we get pan points out of one of these packs he go Vin hey we’ll fight something I guarantee it oh [ __ ] Jose got Jose attention what about Z flowers on a silver nice little silver for uh Kate Forbes I like that one for you bbby Zeki speak of the devil there he is oh iio Z shut up Bubby jir Gibbs there you go Detroit Joe Bells Jo be Joe Bell Lions is that my homies that mother hubber that farker 6 out of 9 on jir Gibbs I like that one look at is purple yeah he look good in purple it mother hovered you [ __ ] 37 out of 49 M homies all right well but little bit better MC Muffy I’d rather look at my homies up there on your stack than MC Muffy no matter whether he’s still in partial timeout you know momies is back there in timeout still Lane Joe Bells you needed something for those uh Lions oh but then Zeke coming back C come on cow girls come on man that that’s like a Chris that’s like a Chris Carter come on man Zeke Elliot going back to the cowg girls oh [ __ ] not worthy I don’t know where he’s in he’s in these boxes he’s in these boxes Xavier not worthy he’s in these boxes I’m telling you we pulled worthy like this P after draft weekend on the draft weekend we pulled Caleb Williams on draft weekend I mean they got the bear spot for like 45 bucks so I love it because no nobody was thinking nobody was thinking no nobody was thinking about those Leaf boxes hitting that’s why like I said I continue to get those freaking leak boxes they make me happy I tell you all right Jaylen better pull his uh head out of his uh yeah Quinton Johnson K9 Jaylen Taw Zack Evans CID Lam Dalton concade couple nice Rooks in there Scary Terry and a Brian Branch more uh Detroit Lions for Joe Bell so Joby jobes checking in on a uh couple there for the uh Lions kin Kad and the uh de bills so no whammies we got an auto I’m not sure who this where this where who we who wear wire this kid uh North Carolina State University who the hell came out North Carolina State out the yes I know my hit Queen the guy on the card I do not know this guy on the card he’s probably in a 2025 draft no that’s not these boxes yet he but we do got to Google them we get the sir googler all right looks like it’s out of Syracuse but no that’s North Carolina State Isaiah mo i Isaiah Moore so sir Isaiah where are you at Isaiah Moore [ __ ] Kansas City Chiefs you mother of really are you [ __ ] me the Kansas City Chiefs what come on M come on whatever dude whatever Lane you’re grounded Lane go to the corner damn more please like can I have some more please can I have some more please yes oh [ __ ] whatever Bubby whatever Kansas City’s all right Kansas City’s taking the you mother hover Kansas City’s taking all your all your hit Eagle F you got call Lane at800 he said 1 1800 call eat [ __ ] we got [ __ ] we got a Banger b [Music] Che I didn’t mean to make anybody sick tonight kind of reminds me of a eagle fin breaks uh you know um there’s going to be some other ‘s coming after this just comment here because somebody’s going to get it this kind of reminds me of an eagle fin breaks snake draft and what comes out in snake drafts what comes out in snake drafts Eagle finners you guys have been around you guys know Rogers discount double check silver for uh Aaron Wise chardonay because my hit Queen said so for Timmy Stewart Kyle P back again in the pack number two Kyle Pitts 23 out 25 Derek hog somebody gonna get that I’ll wait for somebody to chime in on that uh Devonte Adams on a blue Devonte Adams yeah 33 out of 75 Darcy Williams Zeke back to Dallas Darnell Washington because Johnny’s kid said so uh and uh slim Reaper hey you getting a stack back there for those teams I gotta say John that’s actually a you you know you’ve been in enough of my breaks to know that those guys you know the 22 actually helped I really like the 22 boxes getting that pickings in there pick pickings is a badass I love freaking pickings he’s just on the freaking wrong team but you’re always going to have those players that you like that are on the freaking wrong team that’s what sucked he’s in the wrong division too he he can’t be in that that that that’s like highly illegal he’s like the only dude I root for on on the on the Steelers seriously that is no lie I don’t root for any Steelers Ryan shayer Ryan when shayer was there shayer was my dude my favorite Ohio State Buckeye for a couple years and then I’m being at the game when he got paralyzed [ __ ] had season tickets that year that’s the year the Eagles won a Super Bowl uh cam Smith Fins Up never forget that Payton Jaylen Herz Quinton Johnson what’s his Quinton times two K9 jayen and a t- law holding back a nice little hit for somebody probably going to be my favorite hit of the night I love this kid I love this kid hey great rookie year I just don’t know what a kind of hit it is because it’s going sideways it’s going sideways drag the waters we’re going to spread the waters for our sideways hit oh it’s not sideways but it is a jir Gibbs jir Gibbs I seen this going sideways jir Gibbs Detroit Rock Joe Bell City the snipers come out in Eagle fin uh snake breaks I think I think Gilligan I think Gilligan already knew Joe Bells what up Joby jobes joby’s getting some uh Gibbs in the holla nice Gibbs very nice one Bubby congrats congrats Joe Bells cheers Bubby going to bat against Gilligan on that one you and Gilligan fighting for those Lions tonight I know you I know you know I knew got yeah Gilligan didn’t say anything he was just silent he’s he was going [ __ ] mother Hub Gilligan was saying mother hubber I guarantee it all right this is our first time looking at this the illumination this is our first time looking that’s kind of cool first kind looking first time looking at the the illumination so I don’t know they nothing special nothing uh you know no re no one1 refracts I’ll give him this one mosaic’s a good one that’s a good one we don’t normally don’t pull the up you know lons are tough one to pull out of that Mosaic box it’s been a while since we pulled that Richardson I mean that Mosaic box we’ve gotten a lot of those holy [ __ ] really timma timma you awake timma hey kimma you want to hit be something nasty oh that’s sick as [ __ ] Bryce young not sick not sick Timmy Stewart Tim that’s the sickest card of the night right there damn that is going sideways that’s nasty our first card out of wild card illumination that’s badass Eagle Finn that would make me happy and not do even have freaking Auto on it that’s a bad freaking card I’ll do something this year dude do something damn Tama Timmy that’s sick that c looks bad as [ __ ] back there look it looks bad on camera too hell yeah where is this kid at this kid still on the this kid what is that that’s cool too Dylan Gabriel that’s going to be a random I don’t think he got I don’t think he graduated yet he didn’t graduate it’s graduation week here Eagle fin Dylan Gabriel according toip e fin I want more boxes of this duck he’s an Oregon Duck that’s a freaking nasty card that’s a great wild card look at that that’s so freaking cool good Wild Card Wild Card just keeps doing something crazier every year that’s a sick freaking card Eagle Finn for me to sit there and look at that long I mean I’m telling you I mean I know it’s in case the pretty pretty card Cade where’s Cade where’s a cade Clum knck he’s still in the College also there’s another random you guys got some cool randoms out here if I do this you guys got to have the nil spot you guys will have the nil spot for sure coming up in your future 24 breaks featuring Cade Cade kubik according to Wikipedia speak to me baby Anan football quarterback for the Clemson Tigers gosh Cade all right well let’s go let’s go we b i I don’t know I don’t know Oregon Drew checks in Oregan hell yeah you’re welcome uh Timmy and El’s Jackson Dart another one psyched on a Jackson Dart guarantee you that kid is still in college Jackson Dart ACC to Wikipedia Dart is definitely his old Miss uniform 62220 he might be decent got decent decent 6’2 62 6’4 quarterback build dang I don’t know all right all I know is that I don’t like these guys sit oh that’s one thing I did not do hold on Eagle fin I’m doing it now hold on I got to do this because it’ll drive me crazy that’s one thing I did not do the need right now is I need the uh graded card sleeves for your uh for your encased hits so I like freaking having those sealed and I ran out of my pack of a hundred of a 100 so I’m not going to stack these guys but be easier for me to throw these guys in here real quick because they look pretty crisp other than the ones that we pulled out of the baseball from Panini that had the uh the marks in the in the the scuffs on the front of them so these are crisp as God dang crisp as you know what I want to say kind of a fun box Eagle fin even though even though we haven’t found one yet on a uh on a team besides Bryce I mean you know let’s go let’s go Timmy’s going yeah yeah t might have to put these guys aside all right here we go good luck boom oh Eagles Jaylen Carter purple that’s [Music] soers Aaron Wise ters and biscuits and mustard F not a oh that’s so pry oh [ __ ] that card’s sick God talk about jealous getting getting chills on that freaking card Seahawks for my boy Lou all right we got big bang big bang where’s this kid at quarterback I think he’s still in college so you gota wait for a random hold on you gota wait for a random excuse me Riley Leonard according on The Big Bang Theory these are freaking gorgeous cards four out of five so somebody will have a chance you you say there’s a chance yep I say there’s a chance those are sick Jaylen Carter and Bryce going to the teams four randoms there’s there’s a um there’s one of these one of these wild cards uh illuminations coming coming back up in the next couple days couple breaks on on Facebook so look up I’m not sure what night it is but I know there’s uh another one coming up so yeah we need more I got one up when is it is to it’s tomorrow night no it’s not tomorrow night is Sunday night tune back in for your free shipping night on Sunday for your next Wild Card illumination here at the Eagle fin breaks God that was a that those cards are just sick got your rookie symbols up in the corner I mean they’ve done really good about their rookies last year they they they started doing the the rookie symbols up there the on cards on you know the on-card sticker on the back on in in the you know they just start doing some really cool [ __ ] that you know they might not book out like your paninis I know that they don’t look they don’t either but hey pull a little Caleb Williams out there for somebody the other night on a little $40 $45 Chicago spot and be a little 350 $400 card yeah all day long zav you’re [ __ ] not worthy are you kidding me I’m done I’m done I need a drink you’ve got to be [ __ ] excuse me kidding me Lane what did you do to the [ __ ] the the Kansas City Chiefs tonight I am not worthy remember the first time we pulled him you know you remember that you remember that I know that’s why you’re freaking laughing no freaking way are you kidding me oh I had to I had to Timmy Stewart I had to and we were just talking about this kid I just said there’s no way that’s all I ever said about the their whole draft and they got dudes that you know Andy Reid pulls off that they he always pulls off some nasty [ __ ] and some draft picks and he always finds a gem out there dud D that kid I’m telling you mom is Momi gonna be is gonna be like us being like 12 years old and being playing in the street and playing with a Nerf football and going Jimmy just go deep go deep I’ll throw it you run as far as you can I’m gonna [ __ ] it I’m gonna throw this to you you go you go run as far as you can I’m gonna throw it you go you go run underneath it I’m gonna catch it okay here comes that’s gonna be momies and Xavier worthy I’m not kidding it’s not too late Lane all right going to Cabo Wabo Cabo Wabo headed out to Cade Forbes CES Baltimore has been uh Alive Tonight Baltimore five out of 30 I mean we talk about the dude and he just like comes up you mentioned his name he comes up where’s this dude at this dude’s at is Southern Cal domanii Jackson random domanii nine out of 15 more randomizers in the H domanii Jackson these your other guys I can’t they they they you know they’re not they’re not friendly they you know now now that they’re in those those those Stacks no they’re not friendly all right we’ll keep him in two stack them damn Baltimore Ravens oh nasty 22 hit coming out of there Tyler batty going to Baltimore Ravens Kade Forbes on the board again what’s Gilligan say okay let me try this I’m not [Laughter] Richardson Tyler B oh [ __ ] we wait G the last one Richard kinson came out of he came no I pulled him out of metal last week because I just s it out last night and then prior to that we pulled him out of uh Illusions he came out of Illusions dude that Illusions Richardson was nasty huh [ __ ] can I get an o d C you go Bubby iby Ohio La in the Hala there you go oh Christopher 22 out of 25 going out to the New Orleans Saints nice 22 your 22s really showed up out there if we’re not going 22 now we’re going 24 for freaking Xavier worthy are you kidding me now we got our 24 hit out there it’s freaking it’s Kansas City Chiefs we found our freaking 24 hit you freaking mother H oh whatever I drink my whiskey Louie I I busted out I busted out the Philadelphia Eagles Crown Royal Super Bowl commemorative Crown Royal about a a month and maybe five weeks ago six weeks ago five I haven’t drank since my uh open heart surgery on a on the hard liquor like that no no no no no no no no no it’s been eight years but we got I got I got I got messed up I got messed up there there will be no Crown Royal and Eagle fins immediate future it took me eight years to get to that point I don’t know how long that bottle’s going to sit there now but no Louie oh my gosh no Lou Lou Lou Lou Lou Lou all right Eagle Finn well you got a box of certified left all right you got a box of certified left the only thing you got back here Eagle fin is a little extracurricular on something called a triar mini helmet now I might be able to find something else to uh you know to to Peak your interest you know if I say 2024 I mean some of you guys might light up you know o little three four five up four four I got four all right got four so before the certified you got seven inning stretch Eagle fin how about a helmet Finn coming into the hollow for somebody Brady Momie pyton Brock where are yeah yeah they’re all in there yeah good luck we get that one we’ll have a freaking open up another helmet we get a touchdown ticket we’ll open up another helmet and how about four packs one autograph per pack on the hobby low series coming at you live at Eagle bre all right Finn let’s go pack number one pack number one go Panther says k i there’s no Willies in here no Willies the nil guys I’m just going to throw them on your guys stack if they’re not in the uh we’re not randoming any guys out of here just so you know Austin Jones Tyler Huff Xavier Thomas kayin bulock Trey Benson Benson’s a nice one will Shepard all right first one out get the googler ready I guarantee it bang wide receiver will Shephard double will Shephard Vanderbilt commodor the Vanderbilt commodor on the uh will Shepard he will be a random to the to the uh party to the party random will Shepard wide receiver Vanderbilt commodor First Auto out he gets a double bubble he gets his uh he gets his rookie card also so hell yeah all right try Franklin Franklin was uh snagged by somebody who was that the Patriots jarus Johnson Shane hooks thunderberg oh Raheem Sanders on next level and Xavier freaking not worthy Next Level you mother hovered D want to talk about talk about just just showing up all right whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever Bubby Xavier not wor they that mother hubard I do like freaking living here tonight all right this is a numbered one nice gold 84 out of 100 running back I don’t think he made it yet I don’t think he’s still in college Jordan Waters is that Ricky Waters kid Jordan Waters any relation to Ricky Waters Duke University third team ACC nice looking card Jordan Waters no idea about that kid come on we need somebody on a going to a team here somebody come on come on come on oh there you go well he won’t get uh you know he won’t get passed up right now Jaden Daniels J D in the holla oh J D little JD J diesel all right Mayan Williams so Mr Mayan still uh hanging around Winston Wright Gino hes next level on Tyler sha oh Tyler sha Tyler sha sorry about that and then the Trey Benson back again who’s getting the auto Andrew makuba safety he from Clemson I don’t know Andrew makuba according to Wikipedia Andrew mukuba is a Zimbabwean ameran football saf who will play for the Texas Longhorns all right Texas Longhorns so mukuba all of them see that’s why this 2024 is hang around so if you guys want a nil spot the nil spot will be like 80000 Buck no I’m I’m just kidding it is like crazy cuz a lot of these guys in these that’s why got a case of a case of a lot of stuff held back Eagle fin it’s like what oh don’t ask me don’t ask me have no idea all right we got one pack JoJo to go before I certified so find us a team please and something nice will Shipley will Shipley checking in Philadelphia Eagles nice little shiple Caleb Williams there you go little nice little checkin for Shanti strad Shanti finally was quiet I mean I know that’s just a sage but those little guys grw up to be big someday if they uh makuba makuba mat makuba matada dude yeah yeah little will for the uh the bigal Colin shle the SLE bger what it is B Nick next level gold B Nick next level gold there you go our first gold next level four packs B knows all right J Newton new means no Woodies no Woodies there you go you know it uh Barry Sanders on a five star going out to Joe Bells all right lineman the lineman getting some check-ins possibly the lineman get in love on a defensive lineman Walker Parks is Walker headed to the park is Walker head to the random CL Tigers what that dude’s young he’s a freshman he’s a freshman All-American is see these guys are like so freaking young with their Nils oh my gosh Joe Bells with the berry oh Finn all right all of them were uh you know hey I tried I tried let’s do one more you what the hell let’s do one more one more me makuba mataba makba oh what we got there probably not an auto mother Hub dayy it’s pretty dquan Felton is he on the brownies oh no not him uh Sam Hartman Sam Hartman uh jatavian Sanders Tupa F Fetti you yeah uh MJ Devon Devon chire was selected by somebody I think he was selected by Pittsburgh I want to say Pittsburgh Devonshire ah Jaylen harrold oh Dylan Gabriel that least is a nice one five out of five on a random hopefully uh that kid becomes a uh a nice 2025 draft pick crack TI that’s a sick looking card all right is Sir Dylan in the holla d F you got some randoms nobody go nowhere nobody go anywhere you got a helmet mother hubs you got a certified you got cheers uh oh we need beer number four got to be at Ohio University and uh you know early in the morning you early baby girls graduation a graduation day in the uh Collegiate world for sure those of you checked in on that that’s that’s freaking awesome all right good luck everybody looking for a certified freshman fabric if I see it it’s going to the it’s going to the going to the back it’s going to the back I think that is I think that is I’m I’m not sure but I think that is yes puka Thea sign in this Pooky Pooky sign some yeah yeah yeah yeah all right who all right we’re all right can’t give our freshman up until last Eagle fin cannot do [Music] that love some certified you know that oh what did we get two no all right getting some new gems getting some nice gens in here we’ll get plenty of number ones out of here we get plenty of rookies we get one mystery Auto on here we have no idea where it’s coming from Mir Mir there could be so many different uh inserts on the uh Auto I don’t believe I think I don’t think we got any whammies [Music] all right good luck everybody there’s your randoms back there got a nice stack of randoms Jordan love good luck everybody hookie Pooky doing the hookie Pooky turn yourself around that’s what it’s all about Demario Davis they were standing up dancing in in you know while we were uh Grandparents Day freaking awesome got videos of that [ __ ] I’ll post some stuff here in the next day so it’s been so busy mcaffry on franchise liquidation sale DTR nice DTR on a on a red true rookie to 99 nice brownies freaking Jose it’s nice misses jersey number by a couple but still a nice crisp red all their colored ones out of here just nasty I love freaking certified all right the brownies brownies in holla maccaffrey franchise La liquidation sale Mad Max Von Miller Jordan Brooks Tyreek on a certified Stars the hell is that oh my God are you [ __ ] kidding me just remember what I said at the beginning of this [Laughter] break are you kidding me wow there’s your mystery hit that that just like sneaks up on you the mystery Auto you we know our uh you know our uh you know our our certified freshman Fabrics there but there’s our other Auto oh my gosh I can’t wait to see this freaking card I just might follow the chair just for a personal uh yeah that that kind of kind of giving you hints uh Watson Garrett two here gold team on a jayen and the Bears on a Roshan Johnson blue go Bears go Bears 41 out of 75 on the rosan get had a great rookie year especially with their offense you know being the way it was right so Bears burs burs burs de burs nice bears on ran tank baby tank tank in the holla Jaylen gold Aaron Wise mother hover all right yep Rogers discount double check Aaron Wise Aon wise where are you Aon wise Devon Lloyd Jonathan Allen uh oh I see some goodies in there oh Jackson Smith calling cards on a Joe bur there he is Jayo Jackson Smith getting a little jiggy with it on a bronze to 349 47 out of 349 on the Jackson Smith going up to Jay Lou oh baby that’s 100 getting getting our little 130 points in there finally that’s nice to pull be able to pull a a fat Panini card instead everything hit 100 100 point you can put M majority of their freaking uh Jersey cards and [ __ ] into a uh 100 point you know hey pisses me off nice one there Jayo oh baby more oh put those oh guys together they were on they were playing on team Marvin Harrison I mean all those guys are all those uh Garrett Wilson Garrett Wilson olve Jackson Smith and Marvin Harrison were all on the team at one time would that be would you love to throw those guys all all four of those D you had the freaking four best receivers in all of uh the NFL just about uh yeah uh just no he’s gonna He he’ll get there uh Donald AJ Brown really I should just sign that right now air wise Chris mcaffrey liquidation sale to 149 there we go there we go nice getting the base and then getting an orange or that’s so unusual on that card very unusual on that card Sam FR a Shante a Shante on that Jose just dropped his beer and then we got Mad Max Dugan bronze is my favorite that bronze just look like so crisp doesn’t it look look at that look how sick that card is all right Chargers hey I’m easily amused Eagle fin but you guys know me and certified all right another hit in here another hit hit to the bottom believe it’s another New Gen Russ Josh Allen Kyler I hope he has a good year you know I root for that dude every year I got a bunch of his cards uh T Edmond I’ll Ro for ma Jones I got a bunch of his cards too but hey I want Kyler to do good uh JT and oh hold on oh bryy bryy will stop the action bryy stops the action on a certified Stars rookie nice little Timmy Stewart check in sir timma sir timma there you go Bubby it’s all right one we’ll take that one it’s something something go Carolina all right then Roshan’s back again for the Bears little roshi in the holla dub Bears dub Bears Shante Shante you’re hanging in there on the on the Bears night shant [Music] stra all right getting them Bears bars in the holla the Bears cold Bears cold bears in the holla put your other guys up there too but you got a few here that you just God look at some of those some of those are nice all right Dugout run Autos both our Autos are left you got a helmet lurking Garrett Wilson on the H gold team Garrett Wilson miles Garrett miles Garrett Wilson on the gold team oh my gosh I need a drink too after that one Chris Rodriguez on a orange to 149 Rodrigo to the Comanches that is a job oh [ __ ] I was actually trying to get two teams tonight but I was making hamburgers I want te Burger I that’s what we had tonight out some some uh cheese sticks some uh beer battered uh shrimp shrimp were actually pretty good from this place so we got uptown at OU old stomping grounds Matt judon oh Tyreek to 199 certifi Stars pink Fins Up Derek Co got your PC Michael posin a bear uh Damien Pierce uh Scary Terry Immortals on a diamond dan double bubble for uh Derek hog two fins fins in the right place the right time getting the double bubble Rodrigo miles Garrett miles Garrett Wilson that one just was wrong Eagle fin oh [ __ ] something wrong all right so let me see this let me let me let me take a little little Glimpse here go fin all right let’s go Cedric Tillman more brownies more brownies in the holla brownies were uh hanging tough tonight for Jose Jose wadler the Eckman Jefferson have maybe one more insert in here calling cards on a possin Mike possin and to go with the uh oh I la the rookie running back kendre Miller on a freshman fabric 39 9 all black so Miller coming out before your other Auto oh your other Auto Eagle F I want I want rubber baby buggy bumpers that’s all I got to say is rubber baby Bubby bubbers all right Kendra Miller but that kid get some uh some more carries this year sorry about that Kendry all right ove still takes uh front front and center Michael pwon and then a Cedric Tilly I mean the brownie showed up like kind of all over the place I mean for you know a decent a decent break I mean seriously brownies have a decent break what a what Timmy said a what D brownies brownies D brownies D brownies D brownies brownies right yep they brownies randoms randoms randoms what do you got of here Finn what he got right there you got like three cards J you might have three cards there you might have a little a little hit in between and then maybe not nope there’s one hit out there out there Tyreek and Aaron Wise I still wish you were H present because yes I am stealing your hit from you oh my God that is so faring sick Eagle Finn I can’t even Cher Cher Cher AJ Brown eight out of 15 the 96 Million Man Bang him and the slim Reaper slide air wise that’s air wise that’s that that’s a air wise hit Jose that’s why I told her at at the yeah exactly at the very beginning remember I said all hits that a wise gets for the Philadelphia Eagle she’s donating the eagle fin remember that air wise where are you I need you to confirm that statement [Laughter] a [ __ ] you guys have a helmet left that’s what you get for putting up with me I mean any [ __ ] oh damn that cage is so freaking sick though Eagle fit look at it I mean it’s is that nasty is that just nasty airwise you need to like put that on your nightstand if you don’t give a e v you need like put that on your nightstand it need to go in your nightstand like Rob new daddy M Rob Rob new daddy M will put in you know a different card on the nightstand and Riley and son will call him out on it oh I’m not kidding I’m not kidding I’m totally serious so yeah new daddy Rob put up with Riley Riley uh you know Riley new daddy Rob hard to believe that Riley’s gonna be coming up on a three here this year is he still new daddy oh [ __ ] I told you that was a bad hit I told you that was a bad H all right now we got randoms out the yingyang so nobody go anywhere we got one two three four five six seven eight he will be down on the bottom 910 910 so we will be randoming up to a 60 is that right 60 holy [ __ ] all right well let’s go recap before uh you got clear this I gotta take some pictures that’s a beautiful hit Tim Stewart Tim I think that’s my f my second favorite hit of the night is that is that Bryce young that card is so sick what do you see a dude it’s some insert too so I gota look into little bit more uh on the illumination but you have illumination back on Sunday night so those of you that are in tonight jersey number almost almost jersey number really I miss that uh so those of you that are in uh on Sunday night remember you got free shipping and it should be a pretty cheap night to be able to bid on I would imagine I mean I I don’t know on Sunday nights I hav’t I have no idea on Sunday nights Eagle F I really don’t have no idea Al I know is that cheap SE Tuesdays is they are for real so all right Tyreek on a certified uh Michael poson Jaylen gold team uh Joe Burr on the calling card and CMAC uh getting the franchise liquidation sale the brownies on a 14 out of 99 them brownies B Knicks Jaden Daniels getting some uh 24 rookies in there cam Smith Quinton Johnson Jaylen Carter yes jaylen’s back again uh Aaron also getting a silver Rogers her favorite quarterback of all time uh she did not like Brett Favre uh Zack Sharday for Jay Lou jayl you got you got what out yeah she did not e fin she did Aaron Wise did not like Brett farre uh Kyle Pitts does this this got why do you think he chases the Jets uh Devonte Adams for Darcy Quinton Jaylen Zack uh dton con k Brian Branch Z flower silver nice Z flower silver Zeke I’m headed back to the cowgirls uh jir Gibbs like the freaking jir Gibbs where’s that my other jir that’s a great jir Joe Bells got a couple nice ones there Joby uh Classics on a Broncos double Cordell Patterson 99 Saucy Gardner Rook uh Bob greasy little chub chub little Chub let me in uh Drew locked and loaded uh Carson strong 75 tribute Spiller Thriller Spiller yes heed have his own freaking Podium so I don’t know where that kid went slim Reaper for Aaron Wise Kyle Hamilton to 50 great rookie there for uh Cade Forbes Sam howler uh Cal Pitt to 10 eight out of 10 on that one I believe that was the number eight out of 10 Cal pittz nice live Cal pittz that’s a rookie Cal pits to it nope nope nope nope not a rookie not a rookie Johan doson that’s a rookie uh Johnny Lynch Little Johnny where’ Little Johnny go uh Aaron Jones uh Jordan Davis the howler again uh got a banner season on a Marcus Allen Pier strong um Monday night Heroes on a Ricky smoke weed every day uh brandan Cooks they were cool tonight the Texans are really cool easy e uh Kon Tibido Jamar chase another Kyle hlon base no numbers uh Jamal the Milson and then your uh Lamar Jackson to 99 Kade Forbes nice one there I like that one for you sir all right now these guys did not make it but they’re still some nice uh some little guys in here I’m telling you that right now all right so you’re a little chubby little brownies Jose on the Bryce nice Bryce that was a nice price that’s a freaking gorgeous price so I’ll take that uh I’ll take that Carolina spot all day long Carolina’s a tough spot for Bryce uh 14 out of 99 I think I think Gilligan knows that you know it’s easier to pull off of of Richardson than it is on Bryce all day long uh miles Garrett Tillman to uh 325 uh Chris Rodrigo to 149 certified stars on to 199 on Tyreek with a Immortals Dan on the other side Mad Max Dugen 275 maccaffrey 149 on the franchise liquidation and then a ran to uh 75 little roshi checking in there for the Bears Caleb uh rosan to a 349 so not a bad little break for the bears bears are going to be a shot right now until you get into the year your next boxes you know you got you’ll have some draft piics you’ll have luminance luminance will have their first you know spy of their new team everything else is like you know still G to be Collegiate you know that all right I gotta get some pictures for a mail day mail day freaking mail day for pitcher day mail day pitcher day pitcher day Eagle fin Mail Day pitcher day hey look at those two nasties that’s sick that’s sick Xavier freaking notw worthy Lane train freaking Williams that’s a good little corner right there that really is that’s a nasty little corner who’s in the back oh David yeah we got your brownies your brownies like freaking hanging out back there with a David Bell so Jose on the David Bell also for them brownies 21 out of 25 David Bell not bad bubby Jay L on the Jackson Smith the chardonay and the Drew locked and loaded to 75 so there’s your break Bubby Tennessee uh first timer getting some uh nice cards you got three of them but [ __ ] Samuel heggy first timer Malik Assan and a trayon Burks blue bre Brew uh which is a great lad number three out of five 20 two out of 15 and the three out of five so two three out of fives for you two three out of fives for you very nice very nice I gotta say Johnny luom not bad for uh Tampa Bay I think I got all your guys uh on the podium here so little five-year-old son picking his teams tonight on the uh Buccaneers and the Steelers George pickings on a rookie Tom Brady uh Chris Godwin on a silver Calvin Austin rookie Kenny picket rookie uh Darnell Washington rookie and then John Lynch silver that was pretty solid for uh you know I gotta say that I like that Thriller the Spiller Chargers Derek Co all right bad and Cabo Wabo State pride so uh Kade you had a couple you had a couple different Stacks come out of here all right get the kendre Miller and the Chris olve o I yes that’s one there you go two nice ones there for the Saints so very nice who was that Derek yep Derek on the Saints so Derrick’s hoping for a a freaking helmet so your helmet is lurking Eagle fin nobody leave you guys got freaking randoms and a helmet love the freaking jir Gibbs double Jamir Gibbs so Joe Bells nice one there Andrew you mother hubard mother hub’s going last all right sir bryy that was just sick just so sick that’s a great hit Timmy Stewart I’m I’m really happy for you on that card that’s just a sick card smashing smashing it is definitely smashing all right there you go freaking gorgeous card yes we look at that again that card is that pretty I mean Wild Card get your rookie symbol up there I mean really good really good looking card all right Bubby he mother hubard damn dude damn gotta be kidding me all right well bring out the podiums I me I mean [ __ ] I mean they all need there like a individual spot holy [ __ ] really really Lane F dude I smoking I I smoking I know you guys can’t see that but I can see it that’s going to be a great picture for uh holy [ __ ] what what are you like kiding me there you guys want to see my view here here let me let let me show you my view of of that break right there that that’s my view of that break really H what all right there’s your break mother Hub MC Muffy Sky Moore Sky Moore my homies Juju Isaiah Moore fry Fogle Trent mcdy Xavier I am not freaking 4.21 Worthy holy and then this right here I just you know it’s like a freaking cheeseburger are you really it’s like a freaking double cheese burger burger burger burger Meister Meister Meister Burger Meister that goes back to yeah I got to get singles on that one that is no joke AJ Brown jayen Carter Brown eight out of 15 Aaron Wise bang oh Aaron Wise you’re grounded no soup for you one year all right let’s go get your randoms going on Eagle fin gotta get your randoms before your UH before your helmet randoms before your helmet all right six times on a random we got a few so uh it’s amazing amazing is truly amazing all right let’s get this one out of here let’s get this here maybe might we might we might we might get out of here that one Gage Philly no no no all right let’s go football randomizer Eagle Finn six times on the randomizer Eagle fin six times on the randomizer we’ll run the same feed so we will have a winner every six so hopefully I can uh count by sixes one two three oh the count in the holla eagin oh you’re so funny yeah I know shut the I got right right shut up Eagle Finn just randomize my cards all right first one out a lineman from Clemson it is Walker Parks Walker Parks winner at six Walker Parks winner at six on the Walker headed two New England Patriots the Patriots on the Walker Parks first one out let’s bring this a little bit closer for you all right so New England Patriots winning the first one at six next winner at 12 is going to be uh Andrew makuba mataba Andrew makuba mataba he is gonna be a winner at 12 makuba mataba no worries yep he’s a winner at 12 makuba mataba headed to chargers chargers on the makuba mataba there’s your makuba all right charger he is now a charger he’s now a charger for he’s a charger n v BRS all right what we got here running back Jordan Waters so Jordan Waters this kid related to Ricky Waters I’m I’m curious winner at 18 on the Jordan Waters 84 out of a 100 headed to Seattle that’s settle that’s settle that’s Jay L jayl uh getting the uh the settle nice little uh hit there congrats congrats all right next one out is going to be uh will Shepard will Shepard winner at 24 will Shepard at 24 good luck Arizona Arizona getting something that’s cool Arizona there you go that’s Adam Davis what do you CH need to chill chill chill oh my gosh Adam Davis on the a will Shepard that is Arizona have no idea what we got going on over here all right winner at 30 is going to be uh domanii Jackson domanii Jackson winner at 30 Auto Domani Jackson headed to Green Bay Packers so bler Mike getting the uh dman Jackson Green Bay nine out of 15 nobody’s touching your nobody’s touching your [ __ ] just chill out just chill out Dylan Gabriel on the five out of five Dylan Gabriel on the five out of five winner at 36 and then we got the next four I believer encased five out of five going to Las Vegas Raiders that is Darcy so Darcy getting the uh Dylan Gabriel I mean really all right a nice one there for Dar all right next one out gonna be a Riley Leonard Riley Leonard bang Riley Leonard bang winner at 42 42 Riley Leonard Denver Broncos Broncos at 42 Broncos tonight that is Ashante stad next one out is Jackson Dart Jackson Dart winner at 48 good looking card on the dart that was really a goodlooking card LA Rams LA Rams on the uh Jackson Dart site that’s a good looking card it really is kind of freaking amazing really I think so guamas to jiron Guam checking in gonna have some guamas uh checking in on the break table here very soon all right next one out it’s going to be uh uh Cade kuback Cade kuback Mr uh Mr kuback I mean could you go to another one and just just hush I mean really just seriously hush k kuback at 54 clack at 54 good luck e fin Detroit Rock City Andrew Joe Bells Joe Bells winning the Smashing Cade kuback and then the last one out Dylan Gabriel on a p sitech Gabriel winner at 60 your last one before your helmet tonight Eagle fin last one before your helmet be back on Sunday night taking tomorrow night off to be with the daughter graduating and a New York football giant six Giants getting the last one before the helmet all right football Giants on the Dylan Gabriel So the Giants getting the Gabriel Detroit getting the Cade clb neck the Rams getting some Jackson Dart Denver getting the uh the Riley Leonard the Raiders and Darcy getting the nice five out of five on the Dylan Gabriel Green Bay with the domanii Jackson Arizona with a double bubble Adam Davis on the will Shepard with the auto in the base Seattle settle checking out to Jay jayl getting some uh Jordan Waters numbered to a 100 Chargers Derek hog getting some uh Andrew akuna matata makuba makuba mataba and then New England the Patriots Tero getting the uh Walker Parks those are your randoms so 10 of them Finn 10 of them it is helmet time beer 30 got to be uh on the road again here uh real soon real soon e man thanks for being here tonight this is my thanks to you Eagle finners so join us back on a Sunday we’ll see what else we can find this is out of your case slow case to go through especially with not being able to list the memor and our breaks kind of slows things up all right you ready uh oh going old school oh that’s a freaking great helmet oh my gosh Arizona Cardinals of all that that’s Adam Davis on the cheap seats I gotta say of all uh you know besides Larry Fitzgerald this is not a Larry Fitzgerald I apologize uh but it probably be the next best thing I mean tman I would love some tman it is a Becket and his Auto is just so giveaway there you go nice hit for Arizona I’m the Super Bowl baby love it Kurt Warner nice hit for uh Adam Davis now he just got a he’s got a great Auto and anything he signs anything he signs is always a freaking great Auto so I’ll take my gross grocery uh serving grocery dude all day long bagging groceries winning Super Bowls Payton man of the year I mean [ __ ] come on D dude Kurt Warner nice nice helmet nice Becket nice old school old school definitely old school so nice uh helmet for uh Arizona night Adam Davis Adam nice little check in sir all right you go Finn well thanks for being with me tonight I appreciate it like I said it’s been busy couple days busy freaking week just incredible the therapy on my freaking leg the IT band syndrome oh [ __ ] damn yes yeah we we’ll talk about that later Louie glad you were uh in tonight hell yeah Louie Jose absolutely Lane train Darcy Timmy Stewart timy Timmy that’s a freaking great hit Gilligan sorry you missed out on your uh Lions Joe Bell nice hits on the Lions so Darcy you had a few Sean you had a few shant stra hell yeah you had a few shantee absolutely did yeah lane lane lane lane lane lane lane lane lane lane lane Lan lane lane hold on lane lane lane lane all right yep Joe Bells checking in Joe Bells Gilligan I got you Joe Bells I got you Joe Bells Aaron Wise checking in Wayne in the wicked bizard I miss Wayne did I miss Wayne mauy checking in oh my God Wayne Orman young earlier uh Johnny luom earlier gets late Eagle f it gets late here to so all right well love you guys have a great Saturday uh hope you uh definitely enjoy your day so I will see you hopefully on Sunday if you want to check in you remember you got you got free shipping so I need a snack aoan snack time so till next time y fin H be safe

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